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We’ve had our own production of electric motors since 2010. We provide customized solutions for the most demanding applications, across virtually every industry that depends on precise motion.

Production line specifications:

Tooling details:

Winding details:

ODAWARA production

IOW-U Stator Coil Winder

This winding machine is specially designed to wind coil in to stator slot directly by needle. Needle is driven by combination of 4 independent AC servo motors. This movement is good for winding motor which requires layeror and/or very complex terminal wire handling. For the segment style stator, part rotating method can be possible and needle pivoting mechanism is also avaibla to wind various type of motor.


Machine specificationsWDH
Machine dimension:720 mm1360 mm1650 mm
 *except tension devide
Needle oscillate motor(Y axis):0.75 kw AC servo motor
Needle stroke motor(Z axis):3 kw AC servo motor
Table adv/bck motor(X axis)0.75 kw AC servo motor
Stator indexing motor(θ axis)5 kw AC servo motor

Major features:

  • CNC electronic controls
  • CW/CCW winding
  • Tension dereller
  • No wire detector


  • Lead wire cutter / gripper
  • Automatic handling of inter pole lead
  • Needle pivot turning mechanism
  • 4 Axis controls

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