Our company was founded in January 2010. Since then we are constantly developing and discovering new business opportunities.

Company activities:

We are dealing with a lot of different activities such as design, engineering, renovation of machinery, service of electrical devices, cutting a variety of materials (foil, paper, copper, etc.) and production of stators (electrical motors).

Company goals:Lanea Company

  • In the field of electrical maintenance, mechanical and electrical design we want to become the most reliable and environmental friendly company in Slovenia.
  • We want to raise the quality of services provided at the highest level and expand our business in a number of different areas.
  • With our operation we want to other companies offer better development and environmental acceptability.
  • With our innovative solutions at a high technical level we want potential clients provide quality service at competitive prices.

The core values of our company are:

  • Quality; which means that we do all projects professional and within the set deadline,
  • Protecting the environment; because we care that our operations are environmentally friendly,
  • Professionalism exhibited by a responsible, creative, innovative, initiative, professional and quality customer support,
  • Open communication; with our potential costumers we communicate freely and openly. We respect and are respected, proven by trust, honesty and fairness,
  • Economic rationality; because we care for the rational use of available resources.

Our business philosophy:

Good relationships are based on trust. We are aware of the need to earn trust through actions and reputation of the company.